Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deactivation initiated!!

Bye, Bye comments, Bye Bye, long news feed, Hello, free time, I think I'ma gonna enjoy this! After a few weeks of planning, figuring out how to download all of my Facebook photos onto my computer, letting my close friends and family know, and un-linking every app I've added my FB account to, I finally pulled the plug on it at midnight. I stayed up much longer than my body was wanting, but my brain locked in on doing it at midnight, and tonight was the night in it's opinion. And with my OCD, it won out. As the hours progressed closer to "D-time", I was actually getting more and more excited.. and relieved. Does that seem silly to anyone else? Oh well. It's how it was/is. I'm interested to see if I will have much in the way of cravings or withdrawals.. and how long this hiatus may last. And how friends/family that either didn't get the mass message I sent out in time, or don't remember reading it, will react? Which reminds me of the strangest thing. I've not been much in the mood for texting lately either. Technology and nonstop interaction is past the "starting to get on my nerves" stage, so I haven't looked at my phone much this week. And you'd not believe how many people either assumed I was mad at them, or are mad AT me for not texting them! I am just baffled. Anyway. Instead of writing many statuses, and notes.. I think I will center that attention on this blog. Make notes either in my phone or on my kindle and compile them later for you all (and myself). But, for now, this will have to do.. for I am very sleepy and my bed is winning out on the luring me to it for the next eight hours! Good night :-)

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