Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Major work update!

I have some major work related news... After years of being there, I got promoted to department manager of HBA/cosmetics! I signed the papers (computer?) last Thursday, and I start working with the chick that I'm replacing today.

Even though I'm up and pretty much ready before 6:30 a.m., and I've worked a bit by myself over there last Friday and Saturday, I still can't believe it! I keep expecting to: a.) be a dream b.) or I get in there and they say, "We're sorry, we don't know what we were thinking, you'll just have to go back to being a regular floor minion (as opposed to a higher minion :P)..

And the kicker is? With the exception of my new assistent, my former ZM, my store manager and my mom, NO ONE seems to have faith that I can do it! They keep making negative or snide comments.. Hm. Time to prove a bunch of people wrong, me thinks..

Thursday, March 28, 2013


....and this what a tiiiiinnnyyy little crack in a hose can cause! What we thought was going to turn out to be a little leak, has wrecked half our floor!

Soooooo loud, four fans tunning nonstop!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It makes you feel kind've celebrity-ish!

 So, it seems the big topic in the front end was that I got my nails done on my supper break! This actually happens to me on a regular basis, the store really has little to talk about besides gossiping about people, and it seems gossiping about me in particular...

I feel kind've important if that's the most exciting thing for people to talk about-but really, I could suggest much more interesting aspects of my life if asked!

(All in good jesting, this is.. i love my coworkers up front (most of the time ;-) ))

It makes me think that all that's missing is glitzy clothes and paparazzi jumping out at me randomly!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Unusual thing today..

Well, last week my phone charger broke. So, since then, I've been borrowing my mom's kindle charger to fill the battery every night.
Last night, she needed it back because her kindle was out of juice. Which brings me back to today and my discovery.
When I got to work today, I had 20% battery which quickly dwindled down to zilch-and a phone-shaped paperweight. Instead of feeling panic of not having instant communication, games and other electronic entertainment in my possession like most people I know, I felt... relief.
I felt less stressed, less time concentrated (because I wasn't looking at it every five minutes), less bombarded, more productive.
It was pretty amazing, actually. I feel I may have to try that again soon... like tomorrow. Maybe I'll even wear a watch for the first time in years...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I wish it were possible..

...to put a sign on my personal space bubble stating that it is a drama-free zone. I hate drama and cannot understand the thought processes of those who like to instigate it and pick fights.. oh well. They're not getting me involved if I have anything to say about it :-)

In other news, I'm helping out at the other store today.. yay! I love the change in pace, and even though they're a lot more stressed from being stretched so thin, they seem a lot more friendlier and easy going. Speaking of which, I best be getting back to work, break's over in a minute!

Stage two: operation closet overhaul completed!

Within these bags, there are a total of 72 items for donation.. just clothing, mind you, no accessories! I shall tackle stage three (shoes and accessories) hopefully tomorrow!
The breakdown:

12 dresses
34 shirts
14 skirts
2 pairs of shorts
12 pants

Monday, March 18, 2013

Closet overhall: stage one, completed!

Closet is now void of all clothes-and the result is my bedroom looks like a textiles factory exploded in it!
I have it organized into like piles though, i swear!
Stage two: try on tank tops commence!

Items in donate pile: 26

Let the closet battle recommence!

As you may have known from reading past entries, I've been battling common clutter, and expanding wardrobe.. i swear, both multiple like bunnies!

I just came across a random blog where the author was trying to take hers down to 40 pieces! Might not sound like much,  but if done right, that could make 400 outfits! Her goal included all her shoes and accessories though, while mine will include strictly clothing (for now)... wish me luck!

(The most recent 'before' is attached)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Unplanned haitus over in 3..2..1!

Yikes. So a few days of being too tired to blog, has turned into a couple months somehow! Sorry guys! I should know by now, having had this happen before, that I need to blog SOMETHING everyday.. even if it's just my favorite Facebook status from the last 24 hours. Otherwise, I get out of the habit of writing and it's hard to get back in!

So, anyway. Yay! I FINALLY got a full night of rested sleep just now! Woohoo! It's been far too long (a month or two?) since that's happened. Surprising that it was last night though, considering someone attempted to break into my house at 2:04 the night before. I'm not for sure why my house is a continued attraction for such no-do-gooders.. I'm trying to get my finances under order, so I can move. Which, right now, is a waiting game.. when they ran my credit report at the bank, they found student loans that I was defaulted on because I had no idea they existed. (I thought they had been lumped with others that I AM paying on..) But, now I have to have 3-6 months of monthly payments before I MIGHT be able to convince the bank underwriters that I'm trustworthy and stuff. Which sucks, because I've been with that bank since I opened my first savings account, and my mom has been going to that credit union for at least 30 years and never been late on any loan payments EVER.

Anyway. I just wanted to say, I'm back fellow bloggers! I hope at least one person missed me!