Friday, March 8, 2013

Unplanned haitus over in 3..2..1!

Yikes. So a few days of being too tired to blog, has turned into a couple months somehow! Sorry guys! I should know by now, having had this happen before, that I need to blog SOMETHING everyday.. even if it's just my favorite Facebook status from the last 24 hours. Otherwise, I get out of the habit of writing and it's hard to get back in!

So, anyway. Yay! I FINALLY got a full night of rested sleep just now! Woohoo! It's been far too long (a month or two?) since that's happened. Surprising that it was last night though, considering someone attempted to break into my house at 2:04 the night before. I'm not for sure why my house is a continued attraction for such no-do-gooders.. I'm trying to get my finances under order, so I can move. Which, right now, is a waiting game.. when they ran my credit report at the bank, they found student loans that I was defaulted on because I had no idea they existed. (I thought they had been lumped with others that I AM paying on..) But, now I have to have 3-6 months of monthly payments before I MIGHT be able to convince the bank underwriters that I'm trustworthy and stuff. Which sucks, because I've been with that bank since I opened my first savings account, and my mom has been going to that credit union for at least 30 years and never been late on any loan payments EVER.

Anyway. I just wanted to say, I'm back fellow bloggers! I hope at least one person missed me!


  1. Aw man I have been going through the mortgage process as well and it has been so tough! Like jumping through hoops at every turn, good luck with yours!!

  2. Thanks!

    We actually tried a different bank earlier this week, but it didn't seem very promising. We should know today, for sure, though. Good luck on yours!