Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Close-mindedness is great material for laughing fits!

*laughing to myself*

I find it a riot the people's reactions when they hear about my dating arrangement. I'm talking about the reactions they have, that they don't even realize~before they become aware and mask them.

Another example was just today. *laughing again as I remember it*. I was at work, when my Aunt and her 'lovely' friend came up behind me. This is the same friend of hers that I cannot stand, she's very loud, opinionated (which would be fine if she had any sort of facts or anything to back them up), and just tries to bowl over you in conversation whenever you try to offer up your own ideas. This is also the same lady that has on a few occasions tried to get my mother fired by pretending she was stiffed in some way or wasn't helped fast enough. She's done the same thing to me once or twice as well..Not even cool, especially when we've known this lady forever.

Anyway. They came up behind me as I was working on resetting the costume jewelry. They were both in the motorized carts, (that I truly believe neither one needs.. they just like the special 'aide'.) We start chit-chatting how they don't like the new store arrangement, how my department has shrunk, yadayada.

Then the funny part. My aunt goes, "I really like your necklace!" To which, I went, "Oh yeah. you don't know about my dating thing yet, huh?'"

'No.... I haven't heard.' She replied.

"My boyfriend's wife gave me this. She actually gave me quite a few pieces of jewelry a couple days ago of stuff that she didn't want anymore."

*commence the few seconds of jaw dropping.*

(Internally I am just cracking up at this point. It's freakin' hilarious to me, that in this century people are still so set on the one on one 'traditional' man-woman one on one relationship/marriage.)

Then my Aunt's friend started to say all sorts of off the wall things, and assumptions to which I was going to start defending, but realized it would just be pointless, so I acted like I REALLY needed to get back to work right then.


And, for the record, I just want to say.. it's just like any other dating relationship. He just has a wife is all. He's awesome to me, gives me all the attention I need, there's usually constant texting, hanging out, takes me out occasionally.. and if you look at the guys I've dated in the past, (one psychotic stalker ex-fiance', one drunkard with sticky fingers and other DEEP issues, and two boyfriends that went to other chicks and got them pregnant while we were supposedly dating 'exclusively', just to name a few;) then he's a real good catch. And it's been about nine months now.. so SOMETHING'S being done right!

(and yes, she knows he has girlfriends.. If I understand correctly, she's the one that gave him permission in the first place to date!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I promise..

..I haven't forgotten about my dear reader(s)! Life has just been soooo very hectic lately, and I've been so very exhausted for much of it, that there is no brain power left at the end of the day (or even the middle of it!).

I do have tomorrow off, so I hope to be able to post something (or maybe even a few somethings!) for you!

Meantime, I'm gonna do a half-assed 'half assed post', idea courtesy of Simple Dude at http://www.thesimpledude.com/.. (AWESOME blogger, you should really check him out!)

and here is the topic of the night.. I was chatting (like always) with my man, and we were discussing our 'lists of five'- you know, five celebrities you could sleep with if given the chance. He gave me five guys (umm.. he's completely straight lmao!) which were Elton John, George Michaels, David Bowie, Chad Kroeger and Patrick Stewart. But when I asked him what his list of chick celebrities would be, he just replied it'd be too long of a list! LMAO

Anyway, dear reader.. if you were wondering what my lists would be (trusting you haven't fallen asleep from my rambling, that is!) here they are, in no particular order:

Guy Celebrities:
1.)Brad Pitt
2.)Jason Michael Carrol
3.)Toby Keith
4.)Johnny Depp
5.)Trent Reznor

Chick Celebrities:
1.)Jennifer Aniston
2.)Courtney Cox
3.)Jenna Elfman
4.)Helena Bonham Carter (You know, that chick from Sweeney Todd and Fight Club)
5.)Britney Spears (yeah, when she's taking care of herself and not crazy)

So, dear readers... have you ever thought about what celebrities you'd definitely get with? Care to share one, two (or all?)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

So thoughtful!

I just got the most awesome, thoughtful Christmas present! (yes, I said Christmas.. in March.. just smile and nod..)

There's this painting that I've been wanting for MONTHS or maybe a year and more.. and a friend that I was meeting up with tonight gave me a present.. and it was the print! BIG print, not just a little poster replication you can get cheap. Oh my god.. talk about taking my breath away! It's gorgeous! I love LOVE it! And I can't believe he remembered which print I wanted most (It's a series of four, I believe)

Now.. I just have to get a beautiful frame for it. Yay!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

God, I love witty comebacks!

OMG..*laughing my ass off* I think I just found my favorite line from the entire Friends series! It's from the episode where Rachel is past her due date & they are trying everything they can think of to induce labor.. She wants to try sex, Ross doesn't.. and her comeback is, "Come on Ross...Just think of me as a ketchup bottle, sometimes you have to bang on the end of it just to get something to come out"...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are those butterflies in my stomach..

...or big freakin' hawks??
I'm kinda.. okay, REALLY.. nervous about plans I have for tomorrow night. I have no idea what to expect or how it will turn out. A friend that I've been on the outs with for months and I made arrangements to get together and try to talk about things. I'm so worried that I'll say or do something to make things even worse, just by being so nervous and worried about saying and doing the things that I want to. (Just think of it being a combination of being around someone I really adore and the fact that the more I want to do right by them and say exactly what I mean that I apparently lose the ability to fully express myself.)

(like the rambling in this entry.. I think I'm going to lose myself in my book and try to sleep soon.. that'll at least ease my mind for the night!)