Sunday, December 23, 2012

Awwww... poor furball :-(

Puppy doesn't seem to feel well today :-( Poor thing.. she's been curled up in bed with her 'buddy' for quite awhile.. I wish I could do something to make her feel better!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh road crews, did you forget your job description?

Dear Coralville road crews: 

Please tell me that you don't consider your job with yesterday's blizzard to be done? The snow stopped over 24 hours ago, and the roads are STILL a mess! Did you forget to buy sand/salt this year?

Sincerely, a citizen who hates having mini heart attacks and being on the verge of meeting other strange and careless drivers at any given time when I'm out and about..

Stupid drivers..

Dear random person from my street: do you think parking in the MIDDLE of the street, rather than your driveway is a good idea when it's snowy and icy? I kinda hope a snowplow catches just the corner of your car..

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rare, Unbelievable moment in retail

Three cashiers, one set of self checkouts running and limited staff, five days before Christmas.. And we're doing alright in handling it. I never imagined I'd be saying that!
The blizzard seems to be keeping everyone at home. Over FIFTY people in our store alone called in. But, I made it in spite of my pain, and people from out of town made it, so I wonder why the people who live just a few minutes away couldn't attempt it?

Oh, here we go again :-(

After being up and keeping watch over me most of the night, the little furball has definitely found the most comfy spot in the house to rest- a foot deep cushion of blankets...
 I have chronic mouth/dental issues, due to a low immune system. Both which lend pretty easily to infections and pain.. oh, the pain. Last night was AWFUL! It was soooo bad, and I would've actually broken down and gone to the ER to get a morphine shot (which I've had to do before, always in the middle of the night- go figure!) But the blasted blizzard that was going on kept me grounded at home, curled up in a little ball on the couch :-( My momma kept me company for a good part of it, but she had to work early so I wanted her to get her needed sleep..
I've started back on another round of antibiotics, so hopefully that and constant ibuprofen will get me through! 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top of the hour, Culinary duel!

Breaking news from my kitchen: The spatula has been in an altercation with the dishwasher... And the dishwasher won, bending the spatula into a nearly perfect 90 degree angle! More on this story at 6:00! 

This would be Spaz, all the way.. :D

Kylie Jo just texted this to me, and it made me giggle out loud.. How friggin' cute and funny!!

What is wrong with the Des Moines Register's editors??

Ummmm.. Someone needs a course in being tactful!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Half hearted attempt at adding to my cooking installment...

 I plan on starting it in earnest at the beggining of the new year, but for now...
I made fudge with some full marshmallows... Wonder if it'll work anything like I envisioned?

Woohoo! 2nd time is a charm!

If nothing unforeseen messes it up, this is the phone that a certain someone's getting me for Christmas!! Yay!! Just a few more weeks of this quickly deteriorating thing I have, and then it's being downgraded to a music player/backup! ...Or smashed with a hammer, I haven't yet decided..,en_US,pd.html

They're becoming the best of friends, it appears! :-D

Awww... They're holding paws AND intertwining tails.. too cute NOT to share!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Slightly skewed search results...

Ummm.... I'm searching through Amazon for new makeup brushes, particularly one with a vanity cup... Anyway, look what showed up in the middle of my 'vanity brush makeup set' search... Something slightly off here, me thinks! 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I should NOT be allowed in the kitchen, I swear!

Has anyone ever had a can good of vegetables spray like a shook-up can of pop when you went to open it? After tonight, I can say I have.. two seconds after the blade pierced the can, there was sweet potato juice sprayed EVERYWHERE in my kitchen... on the walls as high as my cathedral ceiling, the cabinets, the floor-even the light fixtures! Oh, so fun to impromptu scrub my entire kitchen!
 Add this to my list of kitchen inabilities of: can't make Jello, I mess up frozen pizza, and I can't make mac & cheese with a decent success rate...
oh, and I forgot to include what else it covered... me! All in my hair, my clothes, etc... grrrr! Time to go take a nice hot, LONG, deyammifying shower!

(And yes, it was still 'good'.. the 'best buy' date was still about two years away.. I am very OCD about such dates lol) 

Friday, December 14, 2012

It must be my lucky day in the world of shiny pretties

Today must be my lucky day in the shiny pretties department! My wonderful mom surprised me this evening with a set that I've been eying since we started carrying them!

Best Friends are the best :-)

Yay! I got surprised with a Christmas present of new shiny pretties today, from one of my favorite chicas in the world.. I love them!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Another awesome shopping find.. I'm not addicted to shopping, I swear!

How did I not know Jennifer Aniston has a line of perfume..??!?

I came across it at the very end of my shopping/errands/crowd dodging afternoon out, and knew I HAD to get it two seconds after checking it out. (I mean, she's on my List of 5 after all!)

It's kinda expensive though. One bottle was $29.19, but just an aisle over I found this:

That's right: perfume, body wash and lotion for $29.99. Awesome-sauce! That's a MUCH better deal, yes?

If I keep up collecting though, I'm going to need a much bigger vanity top though...

...annnnddd Bathroom Makeover complete!

Yay!!! Finally after a few weeks, I have my bathroom redone!!

New paint on the walls, new towels, new vanity table, LOTS of new perfume (well, I needed new stuff for the top of the vanity, of course!)...and new awesome Marilyn pics for the walls!

Check out the befores and afters!:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Music induced nostaliga

MMMbop just came on the '90's Hits station. Every time I hear this song, it makes me instantly happy because it reminds me of my 14th birthday, when Joshua brought me a present. He presented the Middle of Nowhere CD to me, saying, "I touched this just for you. Happy Birthday!" 

Now, THAT'S a true friend! :P

(And I then proceeded to play it so much that I both made it unplayable, and my dad said he'd do something drastic to it if I didn't stop playing MMMbop all the time! lol)

New store time!

Finally checking it out.. Lets see if it's a yay of nay :-) — at Potentially Yours Thrift Store
Yep! I like the store a lot! It's like the setup of Goodwill, but the better quality (mostly) of Stuff, ETC.. and it's for charity! Awesome-sauce!
And I LOVE my newest find: red suede Coldwater creek purse, one tiny flaw, less than $5! :-D

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Feline treasures!

It's been just about a year since we rescued these two furballs, and it's almost like we have two totally different cats from then! I ♥ them!

Friday, December 7, 2012

EEkkk.... No good, no good at all! That was scary..

Oh my god. Anxiety attack in full swing. Someone just tried breaking into my house, not once, but twice in five minutes!
Thank God that we always keep boards in the tracks of our windows and doors. I heard the one for the back door rattle, and thinking it was my brother, I went to ask him where he was off to (I was hungry for chocolate!) and saw a dude on the other side take off running! I turned off the porchlight and not just a minute or two later, I heard it rattle again and it was the same dude trying again to get inside! He took off again, and I called the cops.
They couldn't find anything after sweeping the surrounding blocks twice (and with the help of a neighbor guy), and now I'm freaked. I've turned on all the porch lights, double/triple checked the locks, checked the boards and even set up my dining chairs behind the curtains of that door just so I could breathe a little. 
I'm seriously freaking out.. What if he comes back when we're at work or something, gets inside and hurts my furballs? I don't care near as much about replaceable stuff as I do my irreplaceable and defenseless furballs. :-(

Note from a little later:
I feel a little better, we pulled out the securtiy cameras that we JUST bought this evening and set them up...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Okay what the third thing going to be....?

Huh. I just found out last night that my ex-fiance' passed away. I don't know what to think about it. I mean, it was a horrid relationship and things didn't end well. But still, he was a fellow human being, too young to go. And he was a big part of my life, a long time ago.

Aren't we too young for this yet??

R.I.P. Jay, you'll be missed.

(Oh, and since I hadn't had the chance to write about it, the first thing was that my aunt's husband passed away the end of last week.. :-( )

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bedroom makeover completed, Bathroom started!

I know, I know.. I said I would have the '101 Things' book reviewed by the end of the weekend. Sorry!

But my wreck of a bathroom beckoned me stronger than ever..

             (It's beginning state...) I decided without much deliberation to start it's makeover.

(However, I can tell you that there was absolutely no singing going on, and no dancing to '80's music while on the ladder! 0:-)  )

 It took soooooo much longer than I thought it would! The room really isn't that big, but it took me about six hours to paint with two coats. Of course, my short attention span and proneness to distractions didn't help. Neither did the light fixture scaring about ten years off my life!

See, it's really close to the wall, with maaaayyybbbee two-three inches space behind it. The paintbrush wouldn't fit behind it, let alone the roller. I just barely touched it to start removing the glass light shades, so that I could get behind it, and the whole thing sparked out at me (from the center! Not the socket!) and made a huge popping sound. Then the fuse tripped, and the room went pitch black. Mind you, I was on the ladder and it me jumped enough that I also dropped the light bulb and it shattered on the floor.

It's okay, though. It's like a rule of nature. Whenever I do a project, SOMETHING is going to break. No matter how careful I am, or slow I go. I'm used to it. :P

Anyway, it already looks loads better... even with it sort of unusable and a ladder in the middle of the room. I can't wait until I can find the things I want to make it all pretty and setup much better! (It's a secret, you'll have to wait to see and hear about the finished project ;-)

By the way, my goal for the book review is by the end of Thursday. *crosses fingers*

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Bedroom's reintroduction to the rest of the world..

Look, look, look! How awesome does my room now look? Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am so happy with it!

Actually finished it about a week ago, but it's one of those entries I was behind in updating.. but here it is! No more red/gold walls :-)

Tomorrow I am contemplating doing my bathroom...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brain freezes & light bulb moments don't mix well..

I may sound a bit disjointed this go round, I'm sorry. I know what I want to write about, I have the thoughts in mind.. but for some reason they're not wanting to meld seamlessly like they usually do. But hopefully the gist of it comes out...

So, I've pretty much weened myself off of Facebook, looking through my entries, it seems to be over a month since I first clicked the 'Deactivate Account' button. And for the most part, I haven't missed it. I have checked back a few times, for maybe two minutes a time-just to see if anything has changed, or if there was big developments that I've missed since I've gotten out of the loop.

And tonight was finally an occurrence of major developments going unknown by me. You see, there's this person that I met/started talking to in earnest a couple months ago. I wanted to get to know them better, maybe become close, see where the friendship might go (or fizzle). They were just getting through a breakup, from someone I had known.

They might not have had  no clue what was going through my thoughts. Heck, even I didn't know until recently. But, either way it's where the thing of my shyness and 'slow to warm up' personality comes into play. See, ever since I was little, school would start at the end of August and it would take me months to warm up to the other kids. By the time I was finally forging friendships, summer break would hit and then, if they didn't live near me, I would basically have to start all over the next school year.

Anyway, back to the 'major' development. This person and I were talking A LOT, constant texting every day for awhile. Then, all of a sudden, it seemed to have just dropped off. Bouts of sickness, work, busy schedules on both our ends seemed to be the culprit. (And what was 'blamed' as the cause.) But, I randomly signed on tonight to see in my news feed that they and their ex have reunited back into a relationship. And they had mentioned that they had met with them a few times recently. Which, connecting in my mind with a previous blog discussion about people seeming to only want to use me to fill the void until they work things out with whomever, seems to make the absence of texts I'm getting make sense.

I can recall several instances where it seemed as though I was truly being used as a 'seat filler' until the person they wanted in that particular spot of their lives came back. And this seems to fit the mold of those times.

What do you guys think? First, can you make sense of what my poor brain is trying to say? Second, do you ever experience things like this? How did you proceed with the acknowledgement when you realized what was going on- did you confront or just shrug your shoulders, thinking 'oh well, their loss.'?

Okay, so that was a interruption worth having!

Since multiple factors (Megan being off this weekend, him needing a ride, etc.) all combined into Nick and I having some one on one time tonight, as opposed to later this weekend, my normal 'work, pet stuff, reading, bed' routine was interrupted. But totally worth it, I'm content right now!

Lots of Pawn Stars/American Pickers/etc. episodes, a stolen piece of pizza off his plate, and cuddling on the couch.. and just now making it home. Good thing tomorrow (later today?) is my Friday! I think I should put an energy drink in arm's reach for when my alarm goes off. Speaking of which, bed here I come!