Monday, December 3, 2012

Bedroom makeover completed, Bathroom started!

I know, I know.. I said I would have the '101 Things' book reviewed by the end of the weekend. Sorry!

But my wreck of a bathroom beckoned me stronger than ever..

             (It's beginning state...) I decided without much deliberation to start it's makeover.

(However, I can tell you that there was absolutely no singing going on, and no dancing to '80's music while on the ladder! 0:-)  )

 It took soooooo much longer than I thought it would! The room really isn't that big, but it took me about six hours to paint with two coats. Of course, my short attention span and proneness to distractions didn't help. Neither did the light fixture scaring about ten years off my life!

See, it's really close to the wall, with maaaayyybbbee two-three inches space behind it. The paintbrush wouldn't fit behind it, let alone the roller. I just barely touched it to start removing the glass light shades, so that I could get behind it, and the whole thing sparked out at me (from the center! Not the socket!) and made a huge popping sound. Then the fuse tripped, and the room went pitch black. Mind you, I was on the ladder and it me jumped enough that I also dropped the light bulb and it shattered on the floor.

It's okay, though. It's like a rule of nature. Whenever I do a project, SOMETHING is going to break. No matter how careful I am, or slow I go. I'm used to it. :P

Anyway, it already looks loads better... even with it sort of unusable and a ladder in the middle of the room. I can't wait until I can find the things I want to make it all pretty and setup much better! (It's a secret, you'll have to wait to see and hear about the finished project ;-)

By the way, my goal for the book review is by the end of Thursday. *crosses fingers*

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  1. awesome job with all of the makeovers! :) you're getting things done!

    a sowing season.