Saturday, December 15, 2012

I should NOT be allowed in the kitchen, I swear!

Has anyone ever had a can good of vegetables spray like a shook-up can of pop when you went to open it? After tonight, I can say I have.. two seconds after the blade pierced the can, there was sweet potato juice sprayed EVERYWHERE in my kitchen... on the walls as high as my cathedral ceiling, the cabinets, the floor-even the light fixtures! Oh, so fun to impromptu scrub my entire kitchen!
 Add this to my list of kitchen inabilities of: can't make Jello, I mess up frozen pizza, and I can't make mac & cheese with a decent success rate...
oh, and I forgot to include what else it covered... me! All in my hair, my clothes, etc... grrrr! Time to go take a nice hot, LONG, deyammifying shower!

(And yes, it was still 'good'.. the 'best buy' date was still about two years away.. I am very OCD about such dates lol) 

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