Monday, October 15, 2012

Making progress...!

Okay.. So about four-ish hours later(?), and I've finished for the night, on the closet overhaul. My last post had the before shots, here is what the in-progress looks like:
I've just gone through the two hanging shelves, and my cubby's. That leaves dresses, coats and the topmost shelves for hopefully tomorrow. Goodwill will like me, I hope! This is what they're getting tomorrow:
There's been one casualty found so far in my treasure hunting, I found my white corset ruined because my red one somehow bled onto it.. (fitting color for such actions, especially this month, huh?) I almost cried when I saw it, because it was one of my all time favorite pieces. I think it's ruined, but someone suggested bleach to try to get it out. I figured what could it hurt, since I can't wear it as it is anyway :-( Anyone else have any suggestions for possible repair? Wow. I just realized it's almost 2 a.m.. No wonder I feel dead on my feet and my eyes are protesting staying open- I'm usually laying down at the very least two to three hours ago!

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