Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Unplanned Mini B*tch Session..

I was right. It was a very long, long, LOOOOOONNNNGGG day. Socially, not TOO bad.. well, at least with people at work. But energy/health/physical-wise? Sucked.. sucked big time.

I need out of there. I need a new, challenging, comparable pay job. Where people are treated better, and it's nice and fun, not so rushed. Hmmm... I doubt such a thing really exists.

My God, the interstate is flippin' blaringly loud the last few nights. I can't hardly hear myself think, or hear my TV at a comfortable level. 

And while I'm on a mini complaint-athon, do people really not know that they are annoying? Whether the really loud, obnoxious chattering magpies that always seem to be in the break room when I want to relax and enjoy quiet time, or the customers that make the same old tired jokes, over and over again ('I don't think you can give me the help I need, but I AM looking for... (har de har har har)'.. or the people who keep bringing up the same innuendos repeatedly, day in and day out. Like, yeah, it stopped being funny and in any way interesting/relevant DAYS ago. You'd think after you stopped responding to them and changed topic, they'd pick up on the hint and drop it. Yeah... right. Unfortunately, not so much. For one tiny example: Like the $5 bucks joke charge to use the department phone.. or to throw something away.. yadada.. OLD and I ignore him EVERY time, but yet his little brain hasn't picked it up yet. Threadbare jokes/innuendos/conversations/etc are just such a turn off and instantly make my brain want to automatically avoid any further contact. Is anyone else like this?

And, don't get me wrong.. I KNOW I have my faults, and annoying features.. but we're not talking about me. We're talking about the abnormal people we have to share this environment with ;-)

Anyway, it's late. I'm tir-- scratch that-- I'm EXHAUSTED.. and still sick. So it's past time to curl up with my furballs and sleep, sleep, sleep!

**This entry sort of inspired by the awesome Miss Sara at Sara's Organized Chaos, you should go check out her blog. She's a pretty phenomenal writer, and on my list of blogs I read regularly :-)**


  1. I have a guy at work that thinks it'd be funny if I wore an antennae on my head. I don't know why, but it's really effing annoying. I pretty much try to avoid him at all costs because I don't get his humor and I don't have the patience in me to deal with it.

    Can we add drivers of large dump trucks to this list? Because I feel like if you are driving a dump truck, you should be able to stay in your lane and not weave into mine and threaten my shiny new car. I almost peed my seat this morning thinking I was going to die in front of Walmart because of a dump truck.

    1. Oh yeah, I can totally relate to strange (and insanely annoying) coworkers.. I work at Walmart, so you know there's no shortage of either odd associates or customers!

      Man, I hate how so many people can't keep it between the lines! Yesterday, I witnessed a shiny (tiny) sports car driver turn the corner to head out of the parking lot, and drove in the WRONG lane for half of the distance to the next intersection! Thank god no one was coming toward us for once!