Monday, October 22, 2012

Very nice evening had, and not too bad a day

Best evening I've had since I got really sick last week, following a pretty decent day, health-wise!

This morning I woke up feeling pretty good. (Which is every morning, the real test is when I start moving around.) But the good, energetic feeling stuck around for a good portion of the day.. once it kicked in.. which was after some breakfast, some TV off of the DVR, some lunch, and some Daily Show episodes.

Slowly, but steadily, I picked up and did a little cleaning in every room.. took far longer than usual and I did less than I usually get done on a typical Sunday. But at least the house looked a little better! The stairs only started to kick my butt near the end of my cleaning..

Now onto the pleasant surprise of a nice evening.. Nick and I hadn't had time to ourselves for a few weeks, so he invited me over. Which isn't that unusual, Sunday's are pretty much our "unofficial" night each week. On the way over, Def Leppard, "Pour Some Sugar" came on the radio.. Aweeeesooooommee! That's almost always a good sign.

I get inside, and Jon Stewart's "Night of Too Many Stars" was playing on the TV, about twenty minutes in. Which made me very excited, because I had forgotten to put it on my DVR's recording list. But kind of bummed, because I missed a good chunk of it.

Nick's sweetness kicked in then, when he shared some YUMMY chocolates with me. Within the next hour, he was sweet and funny and teasing, and VERY accommodating. Which was very much different than he's been the last few days... but very nice :-) That might mean that his typical mood/thought cycle has made another round and his charming self is back instead of his asinine self. I can hope, yes?

Now back to Jon Stewart's charity program and another example of unexpected sweetness. Even though he'd already seen the first part of the program, which would usually mean he'd change it once it restarted, he just let it play until it hit back to the part it was at when I walked in.

Then he switched to Netflix, and the first thing I pointed out, he switched on. (Which was Kathy Griffin's "Tired Hooker".. love her!) I had started to get tired and my stomach was slightly upset, so I laid down on the sofa while he made some brownies. Which helped him deliver a totally unasked for, unexpected, and wonderful massage that helped me feel better.

A little more TV and that was my wonderful and relaxing evening. And now time for sleep and hopefully nice dreams!

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