Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Incompetent parenting, Male tact and Cloning needs to happen like NOW!

Such a very looooooonnnggg day at work. Not too hard, nothing too time-consuming, but those two things alone can make a day seem that it drags on and on..and on. The only thing that really sticks out about my work day at the moment is the question: Why do parents drag their sick children shopping??

Come about seven o'clock, I was told to zone Halloween for a half hour before I locked up, took my last break and left. 7:05, and I look up just in time to see a miserable looking little girl getting sick all over the floor. I didn't even have time to react, before a second.. and a third giant mess appeared. And her parent's didn't even apologize or offer to help clean it up. They just took to another area of the store! What the F is wrong with some people? Poor little thing needed to be at home in bed, not dragged around a big box store!

And of course, the only maintenance that was there was the slower one, and the method he was trying to employ to clean it was not at ALL efficient, so his helper had to stop him from doing anything but guarding it and we ended up cleaning it up. Soooooooo what I like doing, I can tell you! Hmmm.. but it did get me out of zoning Halloween for a good fifteen minutes.. so there's the silver lining, I guess.

I got another reminder via text from a friend that Nick either needs to be cloned or somehow overwrite every other man's mental stuff with his. Why do I say this? I got a text from a male friend that said that I seem disinterested in him lately. Self-centered, much?

The only response I could think of was: "Hm. How to respond non-bitchily.. Because I don't really want to be..? How about i just say that comes across kind of self centered regarding your perception of my interactions.. When I've been increasingly and persistently sick the past week and a half?"

His response was, "Ok all you had to say is no just sick? But i understand." (Complete with grammar & spelling errors.. and he's a writer. But no, he is not a reader of this, so I'm safe to vent.) Anyway. Self-centered, much? And not even the cute self-centered!

Okay, onto more cute guy traits, the one that made me laugh today.

The male species seems to have little tact naturally, it seems. One of my favorite co-workers walked by me, and stopped. And after looking at me for a minute, asked me if I was alright, because I look really pale.

Yeah, I'm not feeling the best, but thank you for telling me I look yucky! lol

And he didn't stop there, which made it even better! I'm still giggling now. I said, at least my skin isn't breaking out in spots as bad as it usually is when I'm ill.. and he said, "Well, if it does, then you can just tell people you're trying out different Halloween costumes!"

What?? I just said I'd walk away then, so he wouldn't put his foot any further into his mouth.. and giggled the whole time. lol

I told Nick about it, and he explained it as, " We have male tact. Completely different to female tact. He said that because to a guy that sounds compassionate, but not queer." (Such a way with words, yes? But it makes sense, if you think about it...)

This evening we started painting mom's bedroom, but I'm getting so very sleepy so I'll update on that maybe tomorrow...

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