Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy Monday, my lovely readers!

Auuuuuuggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I mean, good morning (or afternoon.. or evening--whenever you may be reading this)! I must get the mini-rant out of the way, so if you want to skip to fun, happy part of the entry, feel free :P I swear, living with family or even just other people can be trying. See, yesterday we had another (apparently unproductive) open house to try to find a buyer. So, the house was spic and span and least it was when I left. I came home this morning, (what? a girl like to spend time with her guy sometimes and get away!) to: ALL empty pet dishes messes on the floor my living room in slight disarray my bathroom still torn up from a repair job yesterday afternoon (although, I was kind of expecting this) dirty towels/rags on top of the dryer from aforementioned repair job (instead of in the washer where the others were ...and the carriers/totes they were sitting on still strewn across my parking stall in the garage from use yesterday. For a neat freak with OCD and just for someone that cleaned most of the house herself yesterday, it's slightly upsetting and VERY annoying. I haven't even looked at the kitchen or upstairs at all yet. I'm kind of afraid to! **end mini-rant** And onto happy stuff... Have any of you tried the 'Draw Something' app? Being an artist as a hobby, I was actually trying to avoid it and resist attempts to lure me in by friends. But, alas I gave in when Nick sent me a invite last week....and now I'm addicted. Iphone screens are sooooo tiny for it! I was using my Kindle, but the latest app update made it buggy enough to have an error message every time I open it :-( So, I'm back to the tiny screen and the batter that sucks dry so quickly! I'm starting to greatly look forward to Sundays. Nick and I have settled back into our routine of that's the main day we unofficially made ours to hang out. Typically spent window shopping, getting food and curling up in front of the TV. Either I'm getting old, or going out is just getting boring, because that's a perfectly fine way to relax in my opinion. BIG change from just a year or two ago when I was hitting two, three, sometimes four karaokes a week. Now, I can't even get motivated to go to the one regular one I've gone to for two years- my bed and books, and furballs entice me to stay home. Maybe I'll become a crazy cat lady, or I'm already on the way. But, I have a pup, so I'm safe from that.. right?

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