Friday, August 17, 2012

Drama attempts and petty neighbors,, Blech!

I hate in-my-face confrontations from virtual strangers. Really? If you have a problem with me, be adult. Otherwise, take your drama else where. The cops have better things to do then settle petty neighborhood disputes :-( Okay, now that you're now wondering what on Earth I am talking about, I shall elaborate. This actually slowly started when the new family moved in next door, last year I believe it was. Her children run rampant through the neighborhood, her dog is loose more than not, and her house is looking more and more run down with toys and everything else left out in plain sight. Ever since she moved in, we've been quietly removing the toys from our yard and putting them back in hers. And asking them to keep their dog off our grass, as well as the children themselves. Tonight it came to a head. It's a property dispute, my neighbor officially trying to claim more land than is hers legally. (Starting with her children's skateboard being in my rock bed, accumulating when I calmly picked it up and put it back in her yard- resulting in her child running inside getting her, and her getting in my face and shouting at me.. and ending with her throwing my rocks from the rock bed while we waited for the cop to show..) But, I think I've already decided how I'm going to handle it. The cop said to get a surveyor out to measure the property and mark it. I have just had that done when I listed my house on the market last month, so I'm not going to argue over three measly feet wide of a strip. If she wants to pay the $500 to find out she's wrong, that's awesome. And we'll just stop mowing that stretch and whatever. Let her deal with the future neighbors over it. I've got bigger things to do than to argue over that tiny bit. And, oh yeah. I've been trying to stave off an anxiety attack since this went down, but I'm not doing so well keeping it at bay at the moment. :-/ I really feel like I need to take my anxiety medicine, but I don't know if that's a good idea since I took Aleeve not that long ago. Anyone have any idea about this sort of thing? I'd love your opinions about the property issue as well..

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