Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Turning heads...? Not so much..

(..I've written some pretty rough, indepth & personal stuff lately.. I feel I should write a lighter entry now...)

I have an issue that's building up aggravation inside..

That is, I'm tired of all the hot customers & my hot co-workers turning heads & I don't. For example, I was walking through electronics to take something to the back when a really attractive woman walked by three male associates. I witnessed all three of their heads turn to watch her progress down the aisle. Like their heads were on swiveling poles or something.. and I got nary a glace from these three, let alone a second! I texted one of them a few minutes later, teasing him about what I saw them doing, and he responded, 'What, do you think I'm gay or something?' Wellll.... if you're that straight & I get no attention.. what does that appear to say about my looks??

So, I got to thinking about it, more and more. One day I brought this up in conversation with a close friend of mine, Dustin.. I mentioned this particular observation of mine, and the suggestion of boosting my 'hottie rating' came up. He is apparently REALLY good at knowing what looks good on women, and offered his 'fashion consultant' services to help me remake my wardrobe & attempt to boost my overall rating with the guys. Apparently, I am REALLY bad at picking out clothes..

Last Friday night, he stayed around at work at helped me pick out four or five tank tops & a really cute pair of shorts. I then made a pact with him not to do any shopping without him until I get my arsenal of 'hotness boosting' clothing built up.

(Sunday, however, I went to Target.. and found THE HOTTEST DRESS! I hope he thinks it looks as good as I think it does!)

Today we were talking, and the conclusion was made that I need to weed through my closet & get rid of anything that doesn't fully do me & my body justice. (And really anything that's pretty old, and not in the style that I am looking for.. which is most of it.)

I walked into my bedroom tonight after work & realized there is something that needs to be done before I buy anything else. I have fallen into a pattern of keeping the rest of the house really neat & clean - but lose my energy before I can do the same to my bedroom/closet. So, not only do I have to go through my closet.. I need to clean up my bedroom & put away the heaping pile of clothes that are on my chair..

Now, that I have these horribly messy pictures up.. my goal is to have these two things cleaned up & my wardrobe gone through by the end of the week.. Wish me luck, dear reader, I'll need it!! (Especially when I've tried to weed through it before, and my pack-rat side kicks in, and I keep way more than I should or really want to..!)

And if you have any suggestions for me regarding new clothing ideas or organizing my closet, or what-not.. please feel free to comment!


  1. The guys dont notice you? Seriously???

  2. Always take into account the kind of heads you actually want to turn.