Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phase One has started...

If you recall my last entry dear reader, I was discussing the major overhaul that my wardrobe needed. Well, phase one has commenced!

Office hubby came over today on his lunch break and started helping me go through my closet & getting rid of the unflattering, unstylish clothes that take up space in my closet. I would say that I haven't worn over 5/6's of the stuff in over a year, and 3/4's of it in the last six months.. so that means he hadn't see most of it before.

And I wish I could've gotten a picture of the looks that he had when he saw some of my clothes! *laugh* They were priceless! (The looks, not the clothes!)

Here's the pile that inspired the funniest looks.. (and many of the quickest 'No' responses I've ever heard! :P)

The hanging portion of my closet looks a lot different already.. for one, it's a lot EMPTIER! What's left is organized- far left is what I got to keep, the middle section is the 'maybe's', and the right side is what we didn't have time to sort yet.

As a side note about the 'maybe's'.. I have a strong feeling that he may try to sneak those into the give-away's somehow, at some point!

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