Monday, April 12, 2010

A little black dress, awesome friends & an easily distracted author..

With the combination of my hours at work being flipped all around & family obligations, Sundays are now the only days of the week that I get any real time to myself, at all, to recharge & recover from the stresses of the past week. If you couldn't tell from my last entry, I was really getting on the edge.. that's because I didn't get last Sunday either.. so it had been two weeks without any real alone time.

Thank God for Derek. Derek is one of my close friends, and if our individual situations were different, I'd date him in a heartbeat- and I know that the same statement would be made by him. We have an incredible connection, and have since the day that we really met. ('Really met' as in the day that we started talking to each other on a regular basis & getting to know each other, as opposed to just saying 'hi' in passing..)

He's just so incredibly awesome, and really gets me on so many levels. He stimulates me intellectually, gets (and perhaps even likes) my various quirks.. and if not likes them, at least tolerates them well! Not to mention athletic, and funny.. etc, etc..

Anyway, the point of this blog is not to go over all of Derek's (or anyone's) wonderful traits or anything.. So, moving on... I mentioned him, because he did everything in his power today to make my day better & to help me feel better overall. I was really touched, it's the small things & words that make the difference, I think!

My day started out kind of rough, I woke up really late- even for me, on my day off. And with a migraine already starting.. EVERY noise was annoying the crap out of me. I tried taking my last Tylenol, a candle-lit shower (which almost always works to some degree,) a walk around the neighborhood with the puppy.. nothing seemed to help.

I walked to the mall, and took in the changes that they are apparently making. It's going to have a totally different feel than it did when I hung out there every Friday night my senior year of high school.. Small things, but still... They took out the music store, they moved Hot Topic halfway down the mall, took out A & W.. but I digress.

My last stop there was Target, and in the process of going to get pup food, I thought I would stop by the clearance racks in the ladies department. I found the most AMAZING black, runched dress. Well, it's really supposed to be a sweater, but it fits PERFECTLY as a little black dress. It made me insanely happy. Silly, that a little black thing of fabric can brighten my day so, but did I mention it was AMAZING? I technically have a pact with Derek not to go clothes shopping without him, until I get my wardrobe properly updated.. apparently, I don't make the best clothing decisions in regards to what really looks good on me.. but I HAD to get it!

So, with pup food in one hand and my newly purchased little black dress in the other, I headed home to drop them off & freshen up before meeting Derek for an hour or so. It actually worked out where he got to get away, and I brought him back to my house where I modeled it, and let's just say that he LOVED it! Score one point for me, and no points for bad style today!

I actually got to see him for a total of a couple hours today, and he did so many things to try to make me feel better.. He played with my hair a bit, tried helping me work through a bit of some of the issues that I am currently having, made me laugh, shared dinner with me.. and he succeeded in making my day much better. I couldn't ask for a better friend!

Aside from the normal familial issues, the rest of my day went wonderfully.. I ended it with mac & cheese/hotdogs with my brother & another friend & half of Ghosthunters-Season 1. Now, I really must go get a few hours of solid sleep before I have to get up & help out with projects around here. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, dear readers!

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