Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Holy heavy-fog-cover Batman!

All day today, it's been like a mild version of The Mist brought to reality. When I got off work (at 6:30), I walked out to this:

I half expected to hear screaming alien creatures while observing slackened rope and weird flying bugs! (Seriously, if you are at all a horror fan and haven't seen it, go watch Stephen King's "The Mist". I work retail, and I have to stop my imagination from running rampant with images from it! (But a side note, the movie actually ends a lot more shockingly than the book. The director definitely was more on his 'shock' game then SK was when he wrote the original..)

Looking out the window now, at almost 11, it's STILL very evidently foggy. Oh well, much better than snow, right??

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