Thursday, November 29, 2012

Food Installement Title Chosen!

Okay, so before I went to work today, I posted a discussion on 20sb asking what I should call my new 'Cooking installments' entries. The results were:

A. Munchies Monday-Coyote Rose
B. Tasty Tuesday-Kate
C. Mouthwatering Monday (kate), and
D. Making Food Other Than Hot Pockets Monday (Lauren)..

Although D is really cute and made me giggle, It's just a taaaadddd too long and I'd end up abbreviating it. B is out, because I'd be doing most of my cooking attempts on Mondays, and it would just bug me that it would be a day off from when I'd be writing the entries.

So, that narrows it down to A. & C.. I have the urge to combine them into 'Mouthwatering Munchies Monday's'. So, there you have it. New title for me, and three new blogs for you to check out (the names are links to their respective blogs ;-) ).


  1. Mouthwatering Munchies Monday is a great choice. Though I am responsible for option D, it's awkwardly long and abbreviating it is just a pain (MFOTHPM... NO ONE will remember what that means...). I support your decision on your food installment title.

    Also, thanks for plugging my blog. That was very sweet and unexpected. :D

  2. I like Mouthwatering Munchies Monday. Adding the "Mouthwatering" part helps in my mind, because just "Munchies Monday" reminds me too much of how I would feel back in my younger days after a little puff puff.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog – if you’d like to review the book I’ll gladly give you a free copy, just shoot me an email!

  3. "A little puff puff", hmmm? Surely you mean from a breathing device of some sort.. ;-)

    I'm ahead of you there..Already shot you an email for details!