Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just between me and you.. (as in the rest of the world)...

After many months of being locked out of my blog, I was trying to figure out how to remember my login details by clicking around various links on blogger/google. And, lo & behold, somehow I got it to work again. I'm not quite for sure how I managed that, but I thought I was making a new account/new blog.. but it took me back this one!

So, yeah, I will finally have a place to vent and express my true thoughts/feelings/observations and I can stop doing it on Facebook again. ('Cause, admit it.. drama/'real life' problems on facebook is just plain annoying.)

I'm not planning on telling those few people who actually pay attention to my writing/blogging activities that I managed to access this and begin writing again though. If they happen across it, then all the better. But, if I consciously tell them, then I will be VERY aware of what I write, and that will hinder my internal 'purging' process.. and that's not helpful in the whole scheme of things, don't you agree, dear reader?

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