Monday, December 20, 2010

Maybe uncalled for, but it's a rant.. read if you like, if you don't, well that's cool too

I think some of the people I am friends with, (both on here and in real life,) need a reminder that high school was at least ten-twenty years ago for most of us! If you're a drama queen, don't like what I post or say and attack me for it, or just bitch non-stop about your issues and expect everyone to fix them for you, take it somewhere else. I'm fed up. I can't concentrate on figuring out what I need to do to better myself and my life when I have this constant barrage of bitching, personal attacks, and whininess coming from all directions. I swear, the teenagers that I know mostly act more adult then some people I know! (I've got two on my list here, daughters of my best friends, and I can't believe how much more level-headed and respectful they are then some of the older people I know!)

So, you don't like your life? Quit bitching and figure out what you want and go for it.

So, you think I make horrible choices in life, love, and the pursuit of my personal happiness? You know what? I don't give a f*ck. I'm quite happy with where I am in the dating arena and (most) of my friends. So, it goes against the grain of 'normal' society, and acceptable behaviors. Who decided what rules are that we are expected to follow? And what makes it the only way? I cannot believe the things that people push onto others!

For example: Last week I was having a conversation with a co-worker while we were kinda dead at work about dating and open relationships and whatnot. Another co-worker came up, butted in our conversation and made me absolutely speechless when she said that it (in reference to my decisions) was 'just sick', I needed to be shot, and I needed to move to Utah where they are messed up and allow polygamy. excuse, mother-f*cking, me?? She was dead serious..

So, you don't like things that I post or think I do it too much? There's an 'edit newsfeed' button for a reason. Use it.

So, okay, I'm not saying that I don't care to hear what you think. But don't expect me to hear your unfounded beliefs and criticisms about my choices and convert instantly to what you say when you have absolutely no hard, sustainable proof that what you believe and practice is better than how I've decided to do things in my own life.

I try hard not to push my beliefs and thoughts onto others, and I just ask that everyone respects that, and reflects that back at me.

(and you know what? I must say that the two guys I've dated in 'unusual' relationships, have treated me far better than all but one guy I've dated one-on-one..)


  1. Its your life....Its your decisions. I respect that. Love you Seana.


  2. There is nothing more obnoxious than people who think they know how to live your life better than you do. I haven't read up enough on your blog to know what you mean by dating 2 guys in unusual relationships, but I know that back when I was single I dated (kissed, cuddled, met families of) 2 guys at the same time ALL THE TIME. So I'm cool with it. And even if I weren't, it is none of my business.

    Also, I'm from Utah, and a Mormon, and you should remind your friend that Polygamy isn't supported in the state or in the church. Thank heaven. I wouldn't do well sharing my husband!

    Love your writing!