Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just a quick inquiry tonight for you, dear reader..

I'm off to bed, but I have a writing topic rattling around my head and wanted to ask what everyone thought about this related idea- What do you think, do you think everyone has 'one true love' that they'll find eventually? Or do you think there is more than one person for everyone, just dependent on the place and time that you're at in your life? Or do you believe something else entirely?


  1. The idea of "one true love" is a cute fable. It does a good job in making romantic girls sigh and calming down aging singles, and it also does a nice job in Hollywood movies.

    It's a bit like when you give a poor person a penny. And another penny, and another penny, and so on. You can't make someone rich just by giving him a single penny, yet, that person will be poor at one point, and then you give him another penny, and he'll be rich at another. Same with love. You like one person, and you like another person more, and at some point you like each other that much, that you just say "it's true love!" even though there'd be barely a noticeable difference to some other people you could get to know. Everything between hatred and love is a smooth transition, and you simply categorize it every now and then to make it simpler.

    As such, there are quite a lot of people on earth you'd call "true love" if you'd get to know them. How many simply depends on your preferences and with whom you get along, and whether you find one (or more) of these persons depends on the number of them, and how hard you try. If you don't try to find them, and have bad luck, and have unusual preferences, then you might never find any of them. They exist, but you might never meet them. Maybe you might also meet several ones the day after you married, leaving you asking yourself what to do now.

  2. The latter. If the former were true, many people would spend their lives alone, waiting for the 'correct person', and hoping they would be able to identify them when finally encountered.

  3. I think that there is a subset of people who you might be best compatible with. When you start spending time with one of those people, and getting to know them and building an intimacy together, you create something that is unique that you don't have with anyone else. For me, when I think of "one true love", that's what I think of.