Monday, June 6, 2011

Soft lips and blood thirsty tilllers

Well, it's been a day for sure!

I got into a fight with my lawn tiller. Long story, short- I prevented it from falling into my mother's head, but got it myself. I call it a draw though, because nothing was sliced open-I just got a nice inch wide by five inch bruise and swelling on my leg.

VERY long day.. even though I didn't work, I came home from staying over in Williamsburg with Nick at a friend's place, went to the library, went to the doctor (I can hear again, I can hear again! yay!), did things around the house, and have been trying to get sleepy enough to fall asleep for the last hour-ish.

And the highlight of my day might make some (okay, most if not all) of my readers question my sanity. Really, if you don't do that already, you may have issues yourself! Can you believe that the highlight was buying myself a new carmex? I swear, I must be addicted to the stuff or something, I know I have three or four different ones floating around, but haven't been able to find them for a few days, so I got another one. And guess what I found not two hours after I did that? Not one, but two lip balms. Figures, huh?

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