Friday, June 17, 2011

Over-excitement with a touch of OCD?

Perhaps I was a little preemptive in my excitement of finally getting new flooring. Two weeks and counting for our family friend to even have enough time to come give us an estimate on how much flooring we need to buy, and how much it's going to cost to put it in. In my way over-excited anticipation, I've had most of the small things that would be in the way of such a project packed up for just as long.

Unfortunately, the mess that has resulted from this was really brought to my attention today and spurred a cleaning frenzy for me tonight.

See, usually I have most of the house dusted, cleaned, uncluttered and sparkly pretty almost everyday. Not so much earlier, when I spontaneously came home on my lunch break with a friend to hang out for a bit. He said it was fine, that he'd seen messier houses, but I personally hope he gives me a second chance to make a first impression! lol

Oh well, at least he liked the artwork I have up on my walls!

Now, if you excuse me dear reader, I've been cleaning for about two and a half hours now, and have lots more I want to do tonight before I get any sleepier!

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