Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day One

A picture of yourself with ten (lesser known) facts:

(I had the urge to use the oldest (non-school) pic I had :P

1.) I LOVE horror movies, but I can't bring myself to watch them alone!

2.) Riding on that fact, I first saw IT (by myself) when I was six or, even to this day, every time I walk by a storm drain I half expect to see balloons in it..

3.) I have a REALLY large personal bubble, and have come close to decking quite a few people at work for coming up behind me without any warning. (Though, how satisfying that would be to do that to some of them!)

4.) I adore who I date, and love my friends. (It may usually be the other way around for most people, but friends will typically be around a lot longer, so less heart breaking going on this way.)

5.) I can't cook worth a darn. Seriously. I even mess up Jello!

6.) I'd rather take a spontaneous Burger King/Bowling date over a fancy dinner and movie.

7.) If you think any of my behaviors could be called eccentric, annoying or just weird, perhaps they are linked to my OCD and anxiety attacks?

8.) I am a huge romantic.

9.) I work at the same place I did after high school. Eight and a half years later, I believe they have my soul.

10.) I am a music junkie. I can not get enough of it. Records, CDS, cassette, iTunes.. seriously. It's one of the only things that can be universally shared, understood and enjoyed by everyone.

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