Thursday, April 7, 2011

30/30 List

Okay, so I've been reading a lot on this 'new' idea of having a bucket list of sorts for things that you would like to accomplish before you turn thirty. And since my way of just drifting along in life doesn't seem to be accomplishing things well enough, I thought I'd give myself the task of creating and seeing what I can motivate myself to doing. So here is what I came up with:

1.) Learn Spanish

2.) Take and successfully complete the Administrative Assistant program from Stratford Career Institute

3.) Using that experience, getting out of Wally-World for once and all. Being there eight years, and it being the job I got right out of high school does seem like of sad-like.

4.) Attend three 'mainstream' concerts

5.) See the Titanic exhibit. (Which is currently here in Iowa this year, so this is the year!)

6.) Learn guitar

7.) Write (and complete) my book

8.) Go whitewater rafting

9.) Take a road trip with a couple of friends

10.) Attend my class reunion (2012)

11.) Lose my tummy and get nice abs and toned all around (and keep it that way)

12.)Read 50 books a year. (I'm not for sure the best way for keeping a record on this..)

13.) Read all the books on the 'banned' list

14.) Go skiing

15.) Complete my Stephen King collection

16.) Make all of my family photos digital

17.) Go camping at least three times a summer-in a tent for at least a full weekend.

18.) Learn how to waterski

19.) Fly on an airplane

20.) Visit another country. (Cananda and Mexico counts)

21.) Put pretty flooring in the lower level of my house (instead of this hard and ugly concrete~long story!)

22.) Write a biography.

23.) Make a complete family tree

24.) Learn French

25.) Visit the Grand Canyon

26.) Take a trip and visit both oceans (two separate trips, that is.)

27.) Pay off my student loans!!

28.) Figure out how to accept and like myself for who I am, and not worry about what other people think or judge.

29.) Learn how to salsa, tango and ballroom dance

30.) Go to Chicago and visit the museums yearly.

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