Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Might seem trivial, but happy news to me!

yay! *insert bubbly happy dance here*

A few months ago, I learned that I had library fines that I never knew about, FROM TEN YEARS AGO! I don't know whether to be disappointed in myself for letting so many years go by without visiting the local library, or whether to happy that I finally started going back?

Anyway...what was the happy dance for, I bet you're wondering? I just got them paid off yesterday! Yay! I am now in the clear to lend up to 75 (OMG, yes.. they allow SEVENTY-FIVE things at a time!) items at my leisure.

So, one less debt I have.. that is awesome :-) And, not five minutes after paying that off, I snagged a copy of a Stephen King novel that I've been trying to read for months.. maybe finally I can finish it!

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