Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello there, dear reader!I'm here to tell you about the very nice Sunday that I spent with a new friend.. Would you care for the short or the long version?

Here's the (very short) version if: A) you don't have the time to read paragraphs of stuff or B) you don't have the interest, ambition or care to read all about it...

I had the most awesome, relaxing day with Jarien.. and got a dose of awesome heavy metal to boot by having a front row seat to Insanguine's practice today :) I'm now very sleepy, but feeling good!

End of short version.

If you're still reading, I assume you'd like more details. Continue on, as you please!

We decided earlier in the week that we wanted to go to a park and play on equipment. Shortly before we met up, we decided to make a picnic of it as well. After battling a train (that screwed up the traffic lights at a corner), slow-ass drivers & every single red light, I finally met up with him at Hy-Vee in Iowa City. He bought a great deal of yummy picnic food including: turkey, kiwis, English muffin bread, avocados, chips/dip, & mango orange juice. We headed to a park just a few blocks away from the music studio where he was going to have band practice, and enjoyed wonderful conversation in addition to the food.. We realized shortly after sitting down that the avocados and kiwi's were going to have to wait to eaten because we didn't have a single sharp object on us. Well.. we had car keys, but that was just not appealing to use something dirty and not very sanitary...

After we ate our sandwiches and was comfortably full, I was picking up the trash. The only trash can in that little park was near the corner, past the equipment. I apparently spun the merry go-round slightly as I walked by it, without realizing it, because he suggested that we play on it, because of that!

*Note, dear reader: It may not be a good idea to spin around very quickly or for very long right after you eat..!*

Anywho. Back on the topic of mary go-rounds. I honestly don't remember that one being as small as it is. Thankfully I can say that it is another example for the argument that size doesn't matter! It went fast enough to get the dizzying and gravitation pull effect! :P

After just a bit, we realized that it was nearing 2:30, and his band practice was set to start between 2-2:30 so we cleaned up our mess and made our way to the car.

-set up took awhile
-four songs, 2&4 were the best!
-no, i don't want headphones or earplugs!!

-got chilly!
-pool opens the fifth of june
-ate some more
-debated Creed

my house
-changed into jeans-too chilly!!

walk around pond
-rained off and on.. took shelter under bridge & shelters

my house
-changed into dry

his house
-listened to music
-one on one
-supper, aldredo with pasta and vegetables

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