Sunday, January 1, 2012

Crashes from other rooms- NEVER a good sign!

Haha. Wowwww.. I was just sitting here, reading one of my favorite blogs-Sara's Organized Chaos, wishing I had something as fun and interesting to write about as possible stripper music and and truthful adverting from telemarketers.

I was just about to resort to blogging about my delicious cinnamon roll and chocolate soy milk breakfast when a HUGE crash came out from the upstairs bedroom followed by a tan blur racing out the doorway, around the dining room table and then UNDER the china hutch.(Which, of course, sent two blurs (cream and white) chasing after him.

I was wondering what the heck the guilty party (Gage) could have possibly gotten into in there and walked into this:

See that wire thing near the top of the shade? That WAS part of the shade.. whose previous job was to hold the glass pieces in. It's new job is apparently to shock me when I touch it. Partly to do with my electric personality. (No, seriously.. I have an insane amount of electricity in my body. I shock things (and people) continuously, and stop watch batteries inside of five minutes. I should try for the lead in a female adaption of 'Powder' or something.)

The guilty party:

Less than ten minutes later, he's wanting attention. Either extremely short attention span or delusional about the trouble he's in. Go figure! Oh well. I guess that's one less lamp that we have to dust, or replace light bulbs in! So really, he saved us money?


  1. I like how he's just all sitting under there like NOTHING happened. Cats can be such assholes.

  2. It's like I'm running a house full of little kids! First, he broke the lamp; Then, my puppy decided to try to steal my cinnamon rolls. Spaz fell out of the windowsill of a room she's not even supposed to be in... just for starters! I think it may be the extremely windy day outside driving them crazy?