Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 Things you may or may not know about me..

1.)Music isn't just a hobby for me, it's the force of life

2.)I don't believe that we were supposed to have monogamous relationships

3.)If we do have soul mates, I truly believe I met him in the last few years, but he is already taken

4.)I've really been a life-long Michael Jackson fan, learning Thriller before I could even put together full sentences

5.)I've shown major signs of trichotillomania since the third grade

6.)I have severe anxiety, especially concerning leaving the house

7.)I have CNA training

8.)I think a BK Whopper meal is the perfect dinner (or lunch..or breakfast)

9.)Jason Michael Carroll's voice makes me melt

10.)Too much milk products makes me sick :-(

11.)I love, love, LOVE the water. I love showers, I love the rain, I love the beach.

12.)An ex-boyfriend used to refer to me as his 'water princess'.

13.)I'm a HUGE Jackass fan. I can't decide which dude I like best- Knoxville, Steve-O or Bam.

14.)I don't currently have a favorite color-I do like red, also purple, and green...

15.)I HATE the color blue!

16.)I've worked at the same Wal-mart for going on nine years

17.)I love my friends, adore who I date. There's one exception, but it's not meant to be.

18.)I'm working (slowly) on a book/novelette

19.)M*A*S*H is my all-time favorite TV show

20.)'Enter Sandman' makes me feel all warm inside

21.)Music is like breathing to me

22.)I have a nice electric guitar, but no clue how to play it as of yet :-(

23.)I've been best friends with Jenn for almnost twenty-one years, I've known Josh for just a little bit longer than that.

24.)I almost moved to Texas and got married at age twenty, thank god THAT didn't work out!

25.)Usually can't stand ego-stroking people, there's only the rare few that I will do it for.

26.)I miss playing the flute.

27.)I can't cook to save my life-and I can't even make jello!

28.)I love the little gestures people do waaayyy more than extravagant ones.

29.)I have to fall asleep on my side curled up with either my head on Nick's shoulder or with my hand under my pillow and head.

30.)I have been trying to gain weight since high school (graduated weighing 92 pounds-now at 122).

*and a bonus.. I'm a sucker for anything '80's. The music was awesome and I even love the fashion!*

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  1. Love the bonus fact!

    I feel the same way about the 90's. Loved that time!